An RP taking place on 2012 Earth, when the barriers between the world of fiction and reality disappear. What will you do, in this nexus of worlds, this crossroads of all reality?
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 Andrew (Lone Wanderer)

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Name: Andrew
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 13th, 2258
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Universe: Fallout

Significant Other: N/A, formerly Amata Amalvador, formerly Sarah Lyons.
Children: N/A
Father: James (Killed at Jefferson Memorial.)
Mother: Catherine (Died during childbirth)
Siblings: N/A


Personality: Andrew is a grey/white type person, and often hard to read. He'll go out of his way to make sure that an innocent settlement won't go hungry. But he won't hesistate to brutally wipe out a group of Raiders or Slavers.
Likes: Guns, Energy Weapons, training, survival techniques, Brotherhood of Steel.
Dislikes: Aliens, Enclave, Raiders, Super Mutants, Child Killers.


Powers: Andrew is highly experienced and trained. Adapted to survive in conditions that most humans apart from his era could not. Is also very well experienced in guerilla warfare.
Weaknesses: Radiation, starvation, dehydration, bullets.
Biography: Andrew was born in post-apocolyptic D.C., in the Jefferson Memorial. His parents were both scientists attempting to start up a purifer to provide clean water to the few struggling settlements along the patomic.

Due to complications of childbirth, Andrew's mother died soon after he was born. His father, James, was heartbroken at the loss of his wife. James crossed the desert with the infant Andrew in tow, eventually reaching 'Vault 101'. One of the massive, underground fallout shelters humanity had taken cover in when America and China nuked each other almost 200 years before.

James and Andrew were allowed inside the Vault, before the massive 15 ton door slid shut to the world. Andrew was raised here for the next 19 years of his life, believing that he was just another Vault-born resident.

A few months after Andrew's 19th birthday, James illegally opened the Vault and left in the night. Allowing several large, mutated cockroachs inside. The insane Vault Overseer had his guards attack Andrew, believing the entirely clueless man to be working with his father.

Andrew fought his way out of the Vault with help from the Overseer's daughter, Amata Amalvadore. Andrew left the Vault, and for the first time saw the outside world.

The naive Vault Dweller was scared shitless as he left, barely surviving half an hour in the wasteland. He eventually was lured by an 'Outcast' signal to Bailey's Crossroads. Andrew believed that the signal was being sent by old Vault Dwellers like himself, hence the name Outcast.

Instead, Andrew stumbled across a group of Power-Armor wearing Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts, who were centered purely around gathering lost technology. They needed Andrew to open an Armory filled with advanced gear, due to his Pip-Boy 3000. A Personal Information Processor that was DNA Locked to Andrew.

The Outcasts had Andrew climb into a Simulator, which he needed to complete to gain access to the Armory. The Simulation's setting was Anchorage, Alaska. With US Marines and Army fending off the Chinese invasion of the city. Due to 200 years without maintainence, the Neural Barrier degraded. Mixing Andrew's memories with that of a United States Marine, who had served ten years in hot-spots from Anchorage to the Gobi and Yangtzee Campaigns in China.

After the Simulation was complete, Andrew was no longer the scared little noob he was before. Now he had the proxy training and experience of a fake Marine. But it was authentic enough, nonetheless. A large number of Outcasts decided to kill Andrew, and keep his share of the Armory's loot. Andrew personally killed the Outcasts, despite their equipment and training. Andrew left with a small minority of 'good' Outcasts left alive, wearing a suit of T-51B Power Armor, and plenty of other technology and ammo.

Soon, Andrew set out to look for his father. Tracking the man across the massive 'Capital Wasteland' in less than two weeks, from sheer skill and determination. It turned out that James had left his son to begin work on the Purifer in Jefferson Memorial once more, and fufill his long dead wife's dream. Fresh, clear water to the wasteland. Andrew agreed to help, and the two assembled the former crew and got to work.

The reunion was short lived, less than a day's time at the Purifer, and their door was being beat down. The transgressors were the Enclave, direct descendants of high-ranking Officers in the US Military, and what was left of the United States Government. Outnumbered and outgunned, James sacrificed himself, allowing Andrew to escape. One of the Purifer Scientists were captured, another killed. But Andrew successfully escorted the remaining four out alive, pushing past the shock of losing his father and killing eleven Enclave Soldiers.

Andrew led the survivors to the Brotherhood of Steel Headquarters, known as the Citadel. Which was actually the ruins of the Pentagon. The Brotherhood of Steel were different from the Outcasts Andrew had encountered weeks earlier, the group had a communist-like attitude. Yet still had made the survival of the people in the Capital Wasteland their goal, forgetting their main agenda. Recovering technology. The Brotherhood of Steel provided shelter to Andrew and the scientists. Even assisting the man in locating a pivotal piece in starting up the now Enclave-controlled Purifer.

Andrew moved out to find the needed piece, the GECK, alone. The GECK was deep in the dangerous Super Mutant territory, straight into their breeding grounds. Despite this, Andrew managed to push onward and acquire the GECK. However, he was ambushed by Enclave Soldiers, stunned, and captured. The GECK was taken and installed in the Purifer, while Andrew was tortured for the codes to activate it. Andrew eventually broke out, retrieving his gear and fighting through the Raven Rock Facility. Discovering the Enclave's 'President' was actually a massive computer, that wished to rig the Purifer, and cause the water to kill ANY mutated creatures, which included every non Enclave or Vault human.

Instead, Andrew caused the base to self-destruct, killing a large amount of Enclave while escaping. Soon Andrew returned to the Citadel, advising the Brotherhood of the situation. He was unofficially allowed to join the Brotherhoods premier Special Forces Group, the Lyons Pride. Led by Sarah Lyons, daughter of the Brotherhood's leader Elder Lyons.

Andrew, backed by the Lyons Pride and a massive mech called Liberty Prime, rushed the Purifer, taking it over and inflicting massive casualties on the Enclave. Andrew activated the Purifer, cleaning the water while foiling the Enclave's plot. Andrew believed he was sacrificing his life, as the control room was flooded with radiaton. The man had chosen to activate the Purifer, rather than Sarah Lyons, who stayed behind.

A radiation surge knocked both into a coma, and both were saved by the rest of the Lyon Pride, who dragged them out. The Brotherhood was then launched into a war with the Enclave, Andrew remaining in the coma for another two weeks. Soon he woke up, and officially joined the Brotherhood of Steel as a Knight, which was their form of a Corporal or Sergeant.

Andrew then took the war to the remains of the Enclave, completely destroying what was left of the faction over a whole month, ending the war. Andrew took to travelling alone, helping people where ever possible. Earning the nickname 'Lone Wanderer'. Andrew was spotted all over, even away from D.C., from Point Lookout, Maryland. All the way north to Pittsburg. At one point, Andrew disappeared for weeks. He eventually returned, and spoke nothing of his absence. But he had many new scars, and carried with him technology that stomped everything else into the dust. Andrew and Sarah Lyons eventually expressed a mutual attraction to each other, after she woke up. But they decided it was best to remain friends.


Roleplay Sample: Alright, so here you post a little Roleplay sample, don't worry, you won't have to write a novel. If this is your second or third character you can leave this blank.
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Andrew (Lone Wanderer)
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