An RP taking place on 2012 Earth, when the barriers between the world of fiction and reality disappear. What will you do, in this nexus of worlds, this crossroads of all reality?
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 Johanne [COMPLETE]

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PostSubject: Johanne [COMPLETE]   Johanne [COMPLETE] Icon_minitimeTue Sep 20, 2011 11:55 pm

Name: Johanne (She uses Seeker as a fake name, as knowing her name could have consequences. She uses that as well as other titles, from Dame to Knight to Captain, to Countess, to many many others. Infact, her "real" name isn't her real name at all. She also uses her legend class, Saber at times)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Johanne stands in on at about 5’3” slightly above average height. Her eye color is Emerald Green, though it is debatable whether this is a contact lens or not(Or if it's a shape shift). Her blonde hair is generally unkempt, and left short, nearly to the top of her neck. She prefers it short, as it’s harder to grab on to it then, but she always forgets to cut the annoying bangs. She has a fairly light build, despite her fairly usual harsh training regimen (She’s not exactly imposing per say, but the general expression on her face while in combat, or doing work, or thinking about her work is a cold one. When not in combat, or working, she usually has a serious look on her face, that isn't discouraging, but isn't exactly pleasent either. Turned at nineteen, she is still fairly young, but has a worldly intelligence in her eyes. She doesn’t dwell on her physical appearance much, so she is generally unkempt, hair tangled in knots at time, and generally in her face. When meeting someone she respects, or before an active combat mission, she immediately washes herself up. Untangles knots in her hair, and tries to look her best. Johanne tries to keep a standard in that fact, and its one she has held for quite a while.

Clothing of choice:

She wears your typical blue jeans, brown tennis shoes, and her favorite brown aviator jacket. This is her standard for missions, and her causal attire. It has a removable Hellsing symbol and logo on the shoulder, and chest area of the aviator. Under the jacket, she generally wears a white tank top, with no markings. She also always wears sunglasses when about in daylight, and wears them(moderatly) at night as well. She may or may not wear plain brown gloves. Her clothes almost always change quickly, and it's mostly due to her abilities. She has a slight affinity for dresses and skirts of sorts, though she views pants as more useful.

Weaponry of choice:



Her only basic weapon, this modified Wildey .475 is modified to use .500 rounds, resulting in an increase of power for the already formidable weapon. It can only hold only six shots (12, with Hammer Space), and the ammunition its self isn’t something that’s common. She has found no time or need to customize the pistol its self as of yet, finding work more important than adding in perceived features she won’t need.


It's a sword she generally only reserves for special occasion, such as when she becomes a Nosferatu fully. At other times, she will rarely use it in melee combat. It is made of pure Holy Silver Alloy, making it extremly sharp, and sturdy. It's special abilitie(s) are still unknown, but it being a holy weapon of immense power, it must be powerful. It is bound to her, and unlike her guns, she can summon it when needed. It is a relic of the past, of her times before.

Race: Nosferatu(Not trully, anymore. She's something else now, though she has no idea what) - Servant/Legend

Canon: Multiple, a fusion of sorts between a few series I know of, such as Stay, Helling, and some others.

Abilities: Power release, Famaliars, Minor Shape Shifting, All the typical vampire stuff, however, it is eractic, and limited. The majority of ALL her powers are sealed, as while she is a servant, she is not a vampire, and the seal that holds power of her dark abilities is over ridden by the seal of the grail. However, she could release the un holy powers if her Master used a command seal to do so.She can also accses some sort of holy power, that while powerful, is exhausting, as well as physical magic abilties and Occult Knowledge. She has little experince in any of these, or simply can't control them well. It would take time for her to learn how to use such things fully. When se has suffecient power, she could summon her next sword, Durandal.

Personality: Johanne is truly a cold person whilst in combat, thinking of and analyzing her own sides and enemy tactics, relying on strategy over raw power. She rarely shows any form of affection, except at rare times, or with the closest of friends. However, unorthodox shows of affection are quite common place for her. Outside of combat, she is cold the majority of the time, trying to keep her emotions secondary, if not surpressed.

She doesn’t necessarily push others away, but the simple fact that she keeps her emotions behind her doesn't help. It is very hard to earn her friendhip, and is while not as hard, still a task to earn her respect. If she perceives a person as her friend, she will protect them to the best of her abilities, though this can lead down a bad path. She is not easily betrayed by a person she doesn’t know, as she always analyzes the people around her, always watching. However, should a friend betray her, she would out right deny it, even if there was evidence to the contrary right in front of her face, given the fact she has ffew friends. She doesn’t often get angry, but when she does, she gets livid, it being rare to her emotions being dulled. Normally, she has a very tiny tint of a french accent, faded over years of disuse. Other people perceive her being annoyed as being angry; that is not the case. Believe me, there will be no shadow of a doubt when she gets angry. She is also helpful to those in need when she isn’t too busy, and will be fairly kind to the people/person she is helping, if not distant. However, most of the time she is far too busy to bother with others problems. Johanne has also been known to be a little Genre savvy, using simple logic to comment on certain situations.

In combat, she tries to stay cold, methodical, and if needed, creative about the situation(Battle). She uses her knowledge to a degree in battle, but also watches enemy movements, trying to watch every possible weak point, every possible gap. At times however, she does not do this, opting for superior firepower. This is fairly rare, and only done if the enemy is already dead, but is still moving. In another day and age, she could've and was a leader, a great one. However, now she prefers others to lead, so that she may serve. She is constantly seeking out a master who would lead her, and make her his/her servent, being a legend, she has waited a long time for this.

She has a very high level of intelligence, though she has not used it for any peaceful pursuit. She's also an expert swordswoman, though she rarely if ever uses her sword in active combat scenarios.

Biography: Johanne is generally a person who doesn't travel much. She knows little about herself, having awoken in the later portion of the 1850's, for a war. She was technacily killed (Or more than likely kept alive, to be used and entered into a war for the chalice) though killed, her soul survived. She has been stored for use in the fifth war, however, that war never came, and she has been stuck in limbo ever since. Until she has a Master, or somehow cheats death, she is stuck for a very long time.

RP sample: (Generally do 2-3 paragraphs per battle post. However, it may be shorter or longer if it’s against player controlled characters. It also depends on what sort of things I have to work with.)

It was dark, oh so very dark. Good for her she supposed, but then, assumption made an ass out of ‘Me and you’. There was a light downpour, though the tree above her kept her relatively dry from the onslaught. It was REALLY raining now, it would probably flood. All the better, theoretically for her, and her little plan. It was quite simple, really. Wait for the semi-high ranking Nazi officer (She really didn’t bother with such small fish’s ranks. They really didn’t matter) to emerge from the local gentlemen’s club. Unfortunately, he wasn’t coming out anytime soon. It really didn’t bother her, that being she was a vampire. If this was some sort of trap, she doubted they could capture her. But then, assume made an ass out of you and me…

Aeon lifted the…’appropriated’ Scoped KAR98K, placing it at eye level. Something just wasn’t right about this… Off to the left, a flicker of movement, the officer had finally left the house, but with guards. Interesting that the one time, the ONE time she had been prepared to kill him, he was protected. Well, it didn’t matter anyway. He was going down tonight, one way or another. She lined up the sights to the man’s center of mass, letting her un beating heart tell her where to shoot. The scope settled on his rough chest are, close enough to the heart to instantly kill him. She was prepared, this being a moment a monster such as her enjoyed, even if she denied herself. The fat little Nazi approached the black slender car waiting on him across the street. He was in the middle of the street, tiny water streams flowing around him, his clothes already soaked, and he didn’t have a hat. His red hair was fairly long, and he had an eccentric look on his face. Time for that säugling face to be viewed in a coffin.

She pulled the trigger, and the bullet flew true, the coldness in her non beating heart like some great pressure. Great, tall, and ugly body guard no.1 looked over towards her, and in the few very short seconds it took for him to alert her position to his comrade, she had already primed another bullet with the bolt action, and once again gently pulled back the trigger, the man’s leg exploding. He fell to the ground, his friend ducking behind the cover of the car, but realizing his still alive(He seemed ready to risk his life for him, so she assumed friend as well) ally could be saved. Of course, that was the entire point of shooting the other ugly bodyguard; with no leg, his bud wiould jump out of cover and try to save him. And then she would simply shoot him as well. This guy had followed her plan even better than she had expected, not even ducking for cover. He simply turned back to ugly No.1, and tried to get to him. The key word here was *tried*. It was a commendable effort on his part- he moved fast, for a human. But it was also ultimately futile. Aeon fired once more, in the center of his mass, Ugly No.2 dropping like a fat pig in the slaughter house. The other body guard would be left alive, to tell the exact story. Really, killing this officer made no real difference. But it did spread fear, to attack someone in the Fatherland like this… Aeon could feel the branches give way under her- in the few seconds this horrible ordeal (For the Nazi’s) had happened, the branches hadn’t agreed to her weight. She hit the ground hard, and staggered up. Luckily, she hadn’t impaled herself. Just a few bruises and splinters. Un-life was pretty damn good. Yeah, baby.

(Social post. Fairly long with NPCs for the most part, but generally changes as needed with Player character interaction)

She adjusted the sunglasses planted on her forehead, and sat down in the small café’. This was a waste of time. It always WAS a waste of time. But of course, time was something that she never did much worry about. Moore gave a concerned glance thought the fairly deserted, spotting a waiter on the approach. Typical, good enough service for her needs. Despite the fact that she didn’t even EAT food, she had found herself in way to many resturants, and café’s much like this one. Oh so typical for someone like this doctor to be late. They always acted like they owned the world. There was a difference between a waste of time, and wasted time. And this of course, was wasted time.

“Madam, would you like me to get you a menu’, ma’am? If you’re here for tea or coffee, I would highly recommend the black mountain coffee. It has a bitter, but satisfying taste to it. It is my personal favorite.” The vampire waited with manners on the man to finish, tolerating him. She couldn’t eat food- lest she wanted to chuck on the table. “No thank you. Please, bring me a menu’. I don’t wish one, but the man meeting me here would like one, I should think.” Moore gave another glance around, and gave a slight sigh. Late late late. These professors and doctors acted like they owned the world. She moved her brown bangs out of her eyes, slightly annoyed. She’d have to get the stupid things cut off soon, they were always annoying her. The night outside was quite beautiful, a nice full moon watching over the planet like some guardian angel. Almost fifteen minutes later, as she had almost given up hope, the stubby little man, looking to be in his late fifties emerged through the front door way, sitting down in the seat opposite, with a plop. He had intelligent eyes, little blue orbs filled with wisdom. Wisdom she needed.

“I’m sorry I’m so late. There was a lot of traffic, there was a crash down the road…” Aeon ignored further rabble, not necessarily disrespecting him. But she had gone through this so many times, and she wasn’t going to be bothered with excuses and formalities. She couldn’t rush him. But she wasn’t going to listen to him yap all day either. She gave a nod here and there when needed, hoping to get this little interview over quickly. Uck. She almost wished she was back in the World War with all of these annoyances…

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Johanne [COMPLETE]
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