An RP taking place on 2012 Earth, when the barriers between the world of fiction and reality disappear. What will you do, in this nexus of worlds, this crossroads of all reality?
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 Sarah Hunter

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PostSubject: Sarah Hunter   Sarah Hunter Icon_minitimeWed Oct 05, 2011 8:02 pm

Name: Sarah Hunter
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 21, 1978
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation:
Universe: Real World


Significant Other: He's dead. Cry some more.
Children: Aeon Hunter
Father: He's Dead. Cry some more!
Mother: She's a bitch, and sadly, is alive. CRY SOME MORE!
Siblings: Unknown.


Personality: Much like everyone else, I shall be to lazy to write this.

Powers: The power to shoot you in the face with a 45.
Weaknesses: Normal Human
Biography: Due to SSGs pestering, I will do this later.

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Sarah Hunter
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