An RP taking place on 2012 Earth, when the barriers between the world of fiction and reality disappear. What will you do, in this nexus of worlds, this crossroads of all reality?
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 Ghost X41822N - "Nova"

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PostSubject: Ghost X41822N - "Nova"   Ghost X41822N - "Nova" Icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2011 7:11 pm

Ghost X41822N - "Nova" Nova_Nov_Cover1
Name: Nova
Alternate Designation: Agent X41822N
Age: 19 (no, really!)
Gender: Female
Birthday: January, 2485
Species: Enhanced Human
Sexual Orientation: Straight, but hardly finds the time to consumate anything
Universe: StarCraft

Significant Other: Was briefly in a relationship with Spectre Gabriel Tosh, yet this was never consumated. Tosh was later set against her, so the chances of consumation was never fulfilled.

Children: None
Parents: Mother and father; deceased
Siblings: A brother and sister; dead


Since having her mind wiped as part of her Ghost training, she has become cold and efficient in her duties, her past wiped from her mind. Elements of snideness and arrogance can be seen and, for all intents and purposes, she has no moral code - she's trained to think, not feel. Act, not reflect.


Strongly loyal to the Terran Dominion and humanity. Noted within her personal files to have, or rather (before her memory wipe) had a liking for framberries.


Hates the Zerg with a passion, is derisive towards the Protoss and rarely even contemplates working with rogue human elements (unless she can turn them to the Dominion's own advantage)


Skills / Powers:

- Good sense of balance and aerobatics.

- Excellent martial and computer hacking skills (able to hack into a nuclear missile silo in a matter of minutes)

- Has learned multiple psionic abilities: telekinisis, psionic cloaking, telepathy (with other telepaths), limited levitation, can maniplate other persons, jam up firearms and, only once, leveled a skyscraper and a four block radius with a psionic blast, killing hundreds.

- She can read minds, but her psionic level is to the point where she simply could NOT read minds, even if some form of psionic screening is used (though higher psionic persons could resist her).


Ghost spec-ops armour, C-20A canister rifle (automatic scoped rifle), psyblade and NV/TH/ 8x binocular goggles that can designate targets for air/orbital/nuclear strikes.


- Despite her psionic cloaking, an EMP or some form of psionic detection would be sufficient to detect her. Also, the amount of energy necessary to maintain the cloak could not last forever, forcing her to use the cloak in short bursts.

- Punch enough bullets into her (if you can hit her) and she will die. Not as if it would take many, either, depending on the calibre.

- The same psionic abilities that she possess could also make her potentially vulnerable to psionic reading. As such, she regularly undergoes a routine of memory wipes in order to prevent sensitive infomation from leaking out. If captured, she would rather die then compromise the Dominion.

Biography: Far too long to tell, atm. This link would have to suffice:

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Ghost X41822N - "Nova"
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