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 Kandosii (AU Star Wars)

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PostSubject: Kandosii (AU Star Wars)   Kandosii (AU Star Wars) Icon_minitimeMon Nov 21, 2011 3:15 pm

Name: Kandosii
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexual orientation: Straight
Universe: Star Wars

Significant other: None
Children: None
Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased
Siblings: None
Personality: Strong willed, and bold. But not stupid, he is intelligent. Somewhat caring of non-Mandalorians under his command.
Likes: Blasters, Heavy Blasters, Light Blasters, fighting, honorable combat. Winning, losing.
Dislikes: Annoying people, getting shot, loud public places.
Powers/equipment: Kandosii is an experienced Mandalorian Rally Master, and is well-versed in tactics from fireteam all the way up to an entire nation. He also is trained exstensively in hand-to-hand, melee weapons, and all Blaster types. While not nearly as focused as his combat techniques, Kandosii also has learned some slicing techniques as an extra.

Weaponry: Mandalorian Assault Rifle, inscribed with Mandalorian Runes that no outsider can read. A Mandalorian Heavy Blaster as a sidearm. Has a large sheath on his back, where he keeps a Vibrosword just incase he comes across a hostile with a Lightsaber. Also keeps a knife in a ankle holster.

Wears Red Mandalorian Shock-Trooper Armor. Infused with Mandalorian Steel. Has 'Jaig Eyes' painted on the helmet.

Weaknesses: He's a human badass, so thing that can kill a human badass.

Biography: Kandosii was born into a Mandalorian Clan, on Mandalore. He was raised from birth to be a warrior, and a good warrior he was. Kandosii killed his first man at the age of twelve, the age all Mandalorians first see combat. Kandosii earned high marks during his training, showing courage and ferocity when he fought. He was held in high regard by the fellow children in the Clan, however several resented him for his talent. But would never openly engage him, due to mutual respect amongst Mandalorians.

Kandosii was the lowest grade of a Mandalorian soldier when the Mandalorian War broke out. Only a year into the war, Kandosii became a Rally Master after gathering troops in a besieged city, overwhelming the hostile forces via guerilla tactics and winning the battle. Later in the war, Kandosii was awarded 'Jaig Eyes'. Symbols on his helmet as a sign of great bravery, only awarded to the best the Mandalorians have to offer. Kandosii was rewarded with these marks after he single handedly cleared three bunkers of Republic Troops on Dxun.

Sometime during the war, Kandosii joined the Mandalorian Shock-Troopers. The best of the best, Mandalorian Special Forces. Winning unwinnable battles against the Republic, at any cost. Kandosii was put in charge of several Shock-Troopers, with a 95% mission complete rate and few casualties.

Kandosii and his Platoon fought during the battle of Malachor V, the last battle of the war. Once defeat had been declared, and Mandalor killed, Kandosii decided it was time to leave. He and his Platoon stole a Republic Shuttle, and used it to board a Republic Cruiser. The Mandalorian Platoon cleaned the entire ship of life, including four Jedi on board. Then left he system. Kandosii sold the Cruiser on the Black Market.

The entire Mandalorian Platoon disbanded after the war, going their seperate ways. Though they kept contact, they never met in person. Kandosii took up Bounty Hunting, killing for credits. It disgusted him, as no one stood a chance. But he had no other real option. If one looked at his past, they would see ties to a 'Genohardan' Kandosii had worked with. Extremely secret, the Genohardan was actually a hidden Guild of Bounty Hunters who assassinated to influence political events.

Eventually, Kandosii took up Mercenary work. Fighting for the highest bidder, who just so happened to be the Sith. Kandosii proved himself time after time again, eventually working his way up to leading a whole Platoon of Sith Mercenaries. Striking key locations against the Republic, winning entire battles with just a few dozen men.

Eventually, nearing the end of the Jedi Civil War, Kandosii suddenly began to gather the scattered Mandalorians. At first calling his Platoon back together, taking over a district on Nar Shaddaa. He then began to find and call more Mandalorians together, taking over the entire moon ditrict by district. Eventually, Nar Shadaa was under Mandalorian control. Kandosii then conquered the neighboring Nal Hutta, quickly followed by the entire Solar System. The newly coined 'Mandalorion Empire', under the leadership of Kandosii began to recruit from other sources than formar Mandalorians. Training and arming the new recruits with the best equipment possible, unlike the former leader of the Mandalorians, who began to slack in training during the end of the Mandalorian War.

Kandosii then led his Empire against the hated Hutts, under the title of Mandalore; leader of the Mandalorians. Soon, the weak Hutts were conquered, their mighty wealth falling into his hands. Kandosii used the wealth to his Empire's advantage, supplying them with true Mandalorian training, armor and weapons from the recently created War Forges. Their home planet, Mandalore, was liberated. The planet of Manaan, the Galaxy's main source of medical supplies, was conquered. The Sith Empire was obliterated by the Mandalorians, who had 'allied' themselves with the Republic. Soon after the Sith were wiped out, the much weaker Republic was turned on. Destroyed in a fast and short battle over Coruscant, leaving the Senate dead. And the Mandalorian Empire in control of the Galaxy, led by Kandosii. The Mandalorians led for years, their armies growing to a galactic scale. Crime and pirating were at an all time low, due to the Mandalorian's strict, brutal, and swift punishment of crimes. The elite Sith Soldiers were no match for a Mandalorian warrior, there was no possibility of a bandit carrying nothing but a Blaster Pistol winning out.

The Mandalorians went on to rule for thousands of years, long past Kandosii's death. They destroyed the Sith three hundred years after the Jedi Civil War when they came out of hiding, and the Jedi Order was destroyed mere months after their rise to power. The Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War never occured, the Mandalorian Splinter Group, 'Death Watch', was never created. In fact, every war aside from the stray small Rebellion was utterly abolished due to the Mandalorian Empire. Indeed, the rise of the Mando Empire had been 'the war to end all wars'.
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Kandosii (AU Star Wars)
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