An RP taking place on 2012 Earth, when the barriers between the world of fiction and reality disappear. What will you do, in this nexus of worlds, this crossroads of all reality?
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 Samus Aran Application

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PostSubject: Samus Aran Application   Samus Aran Application Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13, 2011 2:06 am

Samus Aran Application Mom_yo10

Samus Aran Application Mom_sa10

Name: Samus Aran
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2000, Cosmic Year
Species: Very heavily modified human
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Universe: Metroid


Personality: Though she is a CC, she has no real, defined personality. I reckon I'll RP it out, then update this later, so it can be refrenced.


Powers: Viara Suit, Pistol, Acrobats, various augmentations, very high level training
Weaknesses: Cold(Attacks that are meant to freeze, not normal cold, per say.), A lot of fire power, Hacking(Would take a great hacker,however)
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Samus Aran Application
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