An RP taking place on 2012 Earth, when the barriers between the world of fiction and reality disappear. What will you do, in this nexus of worlds, this crossroads of all reality?
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 Tseal the Daemon Prince

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PostSubject: Tseal the Daemon Prince   Tseal the Daemon Prince Icon_minitimeThu Dec 29, 2011 12:06 am

Name: Tseal

Age: ?

Appearence: but wearing terminator armor, this is when his full Daemon form is unleashed. He is able to control his appearence due to his time with his powers. When not in that form, he has pale purple like skin, with red eyes and fangs that go to the bottom of his lips.

Powers: He has great control over the warp and his countless years in combat have given him exilent combat skills. He uses several types of Magik and is very skilled. He mainly uses Warpfire and Lightning, but prefers his sword and immense strenght. Being a Daemon prince, his strenght is immense, along with his speed, and agility despite his size. He is skilled with his sword, and his armor only makes it better.

Weapons: A Daemon power sword, and bolter.
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Tseal the Daemon Prince
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